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There are lots of ways to start a business that only cost around $500. One way is with a simple online store. This guide gives a comprehensive look at what it takes to get started selling online.

Starting a business from scratch can take months or even years of research and hard work. If you don’t want to spend hours upon hours creating something new, you can always buy pre-made templates and apps to sell online. Many of these businesses start for less than $500.

Businesses You Can Start With Just $500

1. eCommerce Website Building

The first thing you will need is an account on a SaaS platform like Shopify or Bigcommerce. These platforms give you the tools you need to build your website and sell products via an online store. Once this is ready to go, it’s time to add different elements such as logos, color schemes, and more. Once everything looks good, you can simply launch your site and begin monetizing.

2. Online Store Builder

If you’re looking to start a small business but don’t have the skillset needed to create your eCommerce website, there are many third-party solutions available that make building and launching an online store quick and easy. These services allow you to choose which features you would like in your stores such as social media integration, analytics reporting, and more visit

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you already have experience running affiliate marketing campaigns, then starting an affiliate business could be a great option for you. As you know, affiliate marketers earn money by referring potential customers to another company they trust and love. When people click through their links and sign up for free trials or purchases, they earn a commission.

4. Social Media Advertising & Promotion

If you love working with social media, then advertising through a service like Facebook can be a great way to generate sales. It’s a fast method of reaching thousands of potential customers. It also means that you won’t have to worry about SEO (search engine optimization) or other technical aspects related to getting traffic.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr allows users to post gigs for others to complete. Fiverr has been growing in popularity, and has become a viable alternative to the traditional freelance model. There are many tasks for sale including designing websites, providing programming services, and more.

Fiverr was named after the amount one pays if their gig is successful. The person doing the hiring typically only pays 5 dollars to start the gig. However, when the job is completed successfully, it ends up costing them over 20 dollars.

6. Freelance Writing

You may not think of writing as a form of entrepreneurship, but some freelancers do find success once they start making money. If you enjoy writing, then consider focusing on freelance articles. There are plenty of platforms where writers bid for project opportunities.

Also, you can visit sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay and sell items yourself. A few extra tips include finding niche markets and choosing a unique subject. This ensures your written content stands out among all else. Another idea is to write guest posts for other blogs and see how you perform.

7. Home Based Business Ideas

If you live near the beach, you might want to start a beach business selling your homemade crafts. Other ideas include starting a home-based beauty salon or pet sitting service. Some of these options require training, but any type of business that involves interaction with clients can be profitable.


If you’re considering becoming a full-time entrepreneur, there’s no need to stress yourself out right away. You’ve got lots of different choices regarding how to start and grow your new business, so look into each of those below visit . Then pick the one that feels most fun and exciting to you. When you launch, everything will fall into place naturally.

We hope this list of the best part-time businesses will help you determine what kind of part-time biz you should go into. Weigh your interests, financial needs, and skill set! And feel free to ask us questions in the comments section at the end of this article. Good luck!